We know that life can be the hardest act of all.

ArtsMinds is here to support performers and creative practitioners in need.

Need help now? What’s worrying you?

What’s worrying you?

Your mental health is really important. If you have any worries about it then don't be afraid to talk, ask or seek help. The ArtsMinds information hub is here to help you find sources of support.

About ArtsMinds

Set up to support people in the creative industries

ArtsMinds is a collaborative initiative from BAPAM (British Association of Performing Arts Medicine), Equity, Spotlight and The Stage to bring together into one place a raft of resources for performers and creative practitioners facing mental health issues. Our starting point was to try to uncover the scale of mental health issues within our industry by putting out a survey to our members and networks to which more than 5000 people responded. This site reflects their concerns.

One in four people will experience mental health problems each year and it's important we can access the right support when we need it. It's also important to remember that the majority of people will recover from or learn to manage their mental health issue.

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