Your relationships

Any of us can experience difficulties with relationships of one sort or another. These problems can be distressing and threaten to dominate our lives, or more minor, but people working in the entertainment industry can be particularly vulnerable for a variety of reasons and in this section we try to address some of these.


If you're working in entertainment it can be difficult or impossible to take sufficient time off to cope with the loss and sadness bereavement presents.

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The worlds of the media, arts and entertainment are often seen as glamorous, but a survey of 4,000 workers revealed these industries are "hotspots" of bullying.

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Families, Partners and Friends

Erratic work patterns are a source of disruption to family and personal life, yet family contact, friendships, social contact and support are important for mental well-being.

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Loneliness and Isolation

The entertainment industry is commonly perceived as being very gregarious and friendly. However, it can be a lonely place.

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