The worlds of the media, arts and entertainment are often seen as glamorous, but a survey of 4,000 workers revealed these industries are “hotspots” of bullying, with more than half of those questioned by the Federation of Entertainment Unions (56%) saying they had been bullied, harassed or discriminated against at work.

Bullying is a highly destructive set of behaviours, sometimes openly aggressive and sometimes hidden and manipulative. Being bullied is a devastating experience that can have a negative impact on self-esteem and cause both psychological and physical harm.

Under the banner of Creating Without Conflict, the entertainment industry unions are working together to raise awareness and combat bullying. Research showed that, where bullying was reported, being a member of a union was more likely to lead to a successful outcome. It was also more likely to be reported where there was a union presence. Therefore, if you belong to a trade union and are facing bullying or harassment at work, do raise it with your union’s nearest office or workplace Rep.

“ I have been involved in a case of bullying which was brushed under the carpet by the employer. This sort of behaviour makes what otherwise should be a great career into a terrifying one, mentally ”