Stories and news about mental health from around the world of entertainment 

Alexander Ludwig’s Recovery Journey

Alexander Ludwig on Sharing His Recovery Journey, Playing the ‘Bad Boys’ Tech Guy

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Channel 4 Documentary Losing It: Our Mental Health Emergency

Channel 4 begins broadcasting a new series on mental health on Tuesday 21 January at 10pm.

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Linda Robson Details Battle With Anxiety, Depression And Severe OCD

Actor, Linda Robson, Details Battle With Anxiety, Depression And Severe OCD On Loose Women Return

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Ricki Lake opens up about living with hair loss.

American TV star Ricki Lake has unveiled her new buzz cut after revealing she has been struggling with the “quiet hell” of hair loss for almost 30 years.

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Feeling lonely on Christmas Day? #Joinin is for you.

In 2014 Comedian Sarah Millican began to spend Christmas Day bringing together on Twitter people who do not want to be on their own, and she’s doing it again this year for the ninth time.  Use the hashtag #Joinin to connect all of us who could do with some company. Find out more by following

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Take the Body Positive 30 Day Mental Wellness Challenge

The latest report from the annual UK Youth Index calls 16 to 25-year-olds the unhappiest generation for a decade. Even if you don’t have anxiety, depression or a diagnosed mental illness, better sleep and less stress is good for your overall health and well-being and these tips and actions can help.

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