Peer networks

Peer networks are a great help for informal sharing of good practice, bouncing ideas around, commiserating and good advice.  They provide access to the experience of others and can help  inform the work that we do.  People use them to find out about resources and opportunities.

Being able to discuss common issues with others in an informal way helps support personal development and can be particularly important for solo practitioners who might be feeling isolated.  The peer network can provide support in times of trouble and be a source of ongoing friendships which can help combat loneliness  and they can also help to boost self-esteem.

Within the entertainment industry there is a range of networks  and below are some you may want to connect with.

Away from career-related networks there is a lot of peer support available for people with experience of mental illness.  These groups  support each other towards better well-being using their own lived experience as a tool for support. We have included links to some of these in the your health pages.