Stories and news about mental health from around the world of entertainment 

Why dancing is good for our mental health

Award winning writer, Annabel Abbs, asks about dance in schools

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Denise Welch talks about her mental health issues

Denise Welch is an ambassador for MIND and has just released a new short psychological drama “Black Eyed Susan” Here she talks about her clinical depression.

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Bipolar: Adam Deacon and Stephen Fry on ‘lifelong struggle’

Actor Adam Deacon talks about living with bipolar disorder with actor and fellow sufferer Stephen Fry.  The interview was first shown on the Victoria Derbyshire Show on BBC2 on August 8th. The programme research team had contacted ArtsMinds for background and they interviewed Dr Carol Chapman who is one of BAPAM’s psychology practitioners.

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The Time4Change Charter

Last year the time4change initiative was launched by the Musical Theatre Acadmey (MTA). Within 2 months 100 arts organisations had signed the mental health charter which aims to start a conversation, remove the stigma and provide a knowledge base. Read the Charter here

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Jo Caulfield – Grief is not what I thought it would be

In November 2016 writer and broadcaster Annie Caulfield died from cancer. In this article for Standard Issue her sister, Jo, writes about her grief.

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Rory Bremner Uncovers the Science of ADHD

Around 3% of the adult population suffer from ADHD,(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and 5% of children – yet many people remain sceptical of its existence. Rory Bremner is on a personal mission to uncover the science of ADHD, a condition which he has suspected he has. Available on iplayer for a limited period.

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