Stories and news about mental health from around the world of entertainment 

Need some time out at Edinburgh?

We are delighted that we are again able to offer The Sanctuary at this year’s Edinburgh Festival. A chance for fringe participants to get away from the crowds to a calm, completely quiet space providing a bit of peace in a comfortable environment. There will also be a neck and shoulder massage therapist. The Sanctuary

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Are you aged over 18 and studying performing arts?

RADA is undertaking some research with University College London (UCL). This is primarily looking at whether different personality traits are associated with how confident people feel about different aspects of their higher education courses and careers, as well as with people’s creativity, mental health and quality of life. Is there adequate support available for you

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Illumination by Harriet Williamson

‘Illumination’ is a new series exploring the relationship between mental illness and creativity. Harriet Williamson is interviewing people engaged in art, music, theatre and many more creative avenues and inviting them to open up about their mental wellbeing and the way their struggles with mental health may inform their work.

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The Time4Change Charter

Last year the time4change initiative was launched by the Musical Theatre Academy (MTA). Within 2 months 100 arts organisations had signed the mental health charter which aims to start a conversation, remove the stigma and provide a knowledge base. Read the Charter here

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Dear West End Producer…

The anonymous man of theatre, the West End Producer has a regular Q & A spot with the Stage. Here he tackles the question, ‘can performers talk openly about mental health problems without being seen as unreliable?’

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Why dancing is good for our mental health

Award winning writer, Annabel Abbs, asks about dance in schools

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