Stories and news about mental health from around the world of entertainment 

Will it be alright on the night?

Performance anxiety can strike any performer at any point in their career. Here Stephanie Cole talks about stage fright and how it should be accepted as part of the job.

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Chris Packham and Asperger Syndrome

In October 2017 TV Presenter Chris Packham was the focus of a very personal and frank documentary about living with Asperger Syndrome which was not diagnosed until he was in his 40’s. The response was universally positive. Chris is also a patron of the National Autistic Society.

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Will Young: I’ve learned to live with my anxiety

Will Young talks to the Evening Standard about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and living with anxiety.

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Older actors talk about career longevity

In this article from earlier this year, published in the Guardian, Janet Henfrey, Sian Phillips and Timothy West discuss still working in their 80s

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Aisling Bea on the death of her father

Comedian Aisling Bea’s father committed suicide when she was three years old. Here she talks about her father, coming to terms with his death and what it has given her.

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What Actors Can Teach Us About Memory and Learning

This article by Annie Murphy Paul discovers the effective memorisation draws on physical and emotional engagement as much as they do pure brain power

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