Stories and news about mental health from around the world of entertainment 

Older actors talk about career longevity

In this article from earlier this year, published in the Guardian, Janet Henfrey, Sian Phillips and Timothy West discuss still working in their 80s

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Feeling lonely on Christmas Day? #Joinin is back

In 2014 Comedian Sarah Millican began to spend Christmas Day bringing people together on Twitter, and she’s doing it again this year. Use the hashtag #Joinin to connect all of us who could do with some company.

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Aisling Bea on the death of her father

Comedian Aisling Bea’s father committed suicide when she was three years old. Here she talks about her father, coming to terms with his death and what it has given her.

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What Actors Can Teach Us About Memory and Learning

This article by Annie Murphy Paul discovers the effective memorisation draws on physical and emotional engagement as much as they do pure brain power

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What it’s like to have a mental illness on the comedy circuit?

Huffington Post staff writer, Ryan Barrell takes a look at this question

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Helping someone with depression

Annabel Giles wrote this in 2014, offering a few personal tips on how to help someone suffering from depression. A former TV and radio presenter and writer, she is now a fully qualified counsellor/psychotherapist

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