If you are feeling concerned about your relationship with food.

Food is fuel and we all need a balanced mix of nutrients in order to function properly – carbohydrates, fibre, protein, vitamins, fat and minerals, along with fluids.

But although we all need to eat, our survey showed that food can present challenges to members of our community, of all genders,  who struggle with image pressures such as trying to stay younger-looking or striving for a certain type of body shape, along with public expectations, role and production pressures, hectic schedules which result in irregular eating, and other non-industry related issues.

Here are some sources of information and support.

“I developed anorexia aged 12, because I believed that in order to get in to Ballet School, I needed to be very thin. The obsession spiralled out of control, and is still an issue six years later”

“Eating disorder history - recovered but remain very body aware - have to really convince myself I don't look fat in some costumes - really want to cry but can prevent myself”