In the ArtsMinds survey, 37% of respondents said they had suffered from depression in the past six months and 28% had been diagnosed.  Clinical Depression is an illness that may be mild, moderate or severe but it is more than simply feeling in low spirits.  It can last a long time and affect work, relationships, memory and daily life.

Often in our industry where people are expected  to be consistently bright, engaging and “on”, depression sufferers develop a mask which makes it hard for them to ask for help and also hard for other people to realise there may be a problem.

If you are experiencing black, bleak moods and depression, we encourage you to talk about your situation and get professional help so that you are not dealing with it on your own.

“ Depression and general feelings of hopelessness prevent you from doing more to forward your career.”

“major episodes of depression over the last 25 years, ranging from a few months to about 4 years of functioning poorly… I have generally sought help, ranging from talking therapy to medication”